JMW Farms Ltd, Tonnagh Road, Armagh – Community Consultation

The Planning (Development Management) Regulations (NI) 2015

Major Development, Pre-Application, Online Community Engagement

Proposed retrospective planning application, and consolidation of all previous planning approvals, to include extension to existing and established pig farm, newly constructed access lane, supporting infrastructure, and all other associated site & management works at 35 Tonngah Road, Killylea, Armagh.

Purpose of this Consultation

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this online community engagement event is being held for the above project.

Please note that the consultation period will end on 16th May 2021.

The purpose of this consultation is to inform the design process and any subsequent planning applications which will be made to Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council.

Persons wishing to make comment to the applicant may do so easily via this webpage

& further information on the project is available below.

If you wish to discuss the project or require more information you can also contact Manor Architects directly on 028 867 483 67.

Note that any comments made are to the applicant (JMW farms Ltd) & not the councils planning team.

An opportunity to make representation to the councils planning team will be provided at a later stage through the usual planning process.

Any comment you make is treated in strict confidence and as anonymous.

About JMW Farms Ltd

JMW Farms is GB and Ireland’s largest independent pig producing company.

Their Head office is based in Armagh and currently employs 250 direct employees as well as further 80+ contract growers across the country.

All pigs are born and raised to the highest welfare level and audited to the Red Tractor standard. All farms are approved to sell to the major UK and Irish retailers, as well as export to China, USA, and other world markets.

All farms have been manufactured and built by JMWs own fabrication and construction teams, they have their own registered Veterinary Practice and Procurement centre, and are heavily involved with environmental/ animal welfare research and development.

JMW Farms is a family-owned, family-run pig production company that was founded in 1989 on a farm in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.

The story of JMW Farms is simple. It started at the bottom with humble makeshift out houses graduating to more superior, purpose-built housing which was all manufactured by the two brothers.

Some 32 years later their pig production business is carried out in some of the most sophisticated and advanced units within the industry.

On this journey, the brothers have built and refined a business model which works for them and has facilitated expansion to date. JMW Farms collectively has an acute awareness of the worldwide need for conservation & sustainability of natural resources and have to date made considerable investment in renewable energies.

JMW Farms pride themselves in their personal ecological policy and endeavour to continue with this policy- all the while contributing to the country’s economy and infrastructure.

About The Location

Nestled in the rolling hillsides of county Armagh and just northeast of Killylea village, the JMW Farm site at Tonnagh Road has naturally evolved and expanded with the business over the last 20 years.

The site currently houses animals in a series of pig houses with the usual associated staffing facilities, feed storage and farm yard areas one would expect of a farm of this size.

There is also an Anaerobic Digestion plant onsite which transforms waste products from the farming & food industries into biogas, all of which complements JMW Farms ecological commitment and which is delivered through their sister company Greencircle Renewables ltd.

The development is served by two access points, one from the Tonnagh Road in the north and the other from the Bracknagh Road in the east.

About the Development

The proposed retrospective planning application primarily relates to creation of an internal access lane and extension to existing pig housing units along with ancillary accommodation & site works.

The proposal sees an extension to the established pig farm units with new associated access point, storage & feed areas, plus the number of pigs being housed onsite increase, whilst the new access lane enables transport around the perimeter of the site to be reduced.

This process will also consolidate & reconcile any and all other minor changes which have occurred onsite as the farm business evolved through the years.

Given the size of the site and number of animals being cared for; a full Environmental Impact Assessment will be provided with a subsequent planning application.


On behalf of JMW Farms Ltd thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and you are encouraged to do so via the form opposite.

If you have any specific questions or would like to receive more information about the development please contact Manor Architects directly on 028 867 483 67.

All feedback will be treated as anonymous & your details will not be shared with anyone.