Redevelopment of The Former Convent of Mercy, Dungannon, N.Ireland

This online consultation aims to inform the local community and interested parties of a proposal to redevelop the former convent site.

Your feedback will help to inform the design process & subsequent planning application which will be made to Mid Ulster Council in 2020.

All comments must be received by Friday 16th October.

About The Former Convent of Mercy

Designed by Architect William Barber, by the summer of 1894 both the convent building & adjoining school were completed. 

The buildings became worthy additions to the skyline of Northland Row & created a positive architectural link between the Royal School to the south & St Patrick’s church to the North.

The buildings are set in spacious grounds and consist primarily of a 4-story building with cut stone facades. There are several special features in the building. For example, the chapel has stained glass windows by Mayer & Co of Munich, a world-renowned firm.

The upper floors still consist of small bedrooms the sisters used and the common rooms on the basement & first floors reflect the life of the community of sisters.

It was back in 1894 that the Sisters of Mercy first came to Dungannon from Dundalk at the invitation of Right Reverend Monsignor Dean PJ Byrne PP VG. 

They immediately took charge of the newly-erected primary school, which Dean Byrne had prepared for them beside the Convent, actually starting to teach the children from the very next day after they set foot in the town. 

And their vision was to be seen right from the outset because, appreciating the need for post-primary education, they set aside a small room to facilitate those who wished to continue their education after the age of fourteen.

Currently, the buildings are largely unused, save for committee meetings & a music class, which are held in the convent building, plus as a man’s shed which is held in the former school building.

Proposed Redevelopment

Redevelopment of the existing site provides an opportunity to continue the legacy of the convent & deliver a mixed-use scheme which the whole community in Dungannon can be a part of.

It is proposed that the main convent buildings be retained & redeveloped to provide community-based facilities & commercial office space. Parish facilities will also be retained, including the chapel, offices & some storage space. The convent building will be extended to provide a restaurant facility that will help ensure the sustainability of the development.

The former school building will be redeveloped to provide a childcare facility.

Externally, both the listed convent building and the former schoolhouse will be restored in a sympathetic manner, whilst the convent grounds also will be restored & opened up for public enjoyment.

There is an opportunity to provide an external area for community use as allotments & we would welcome community input into this and any other suggested uses.

If you have any specific questions, would like to receive more information on the development or wish to discuss the proposals, please email & someone will contact you.

Feedback Section:

Thank you for taking the time to complete the feedback section, answer with as much detail as you can. In particular, we would like to know:

  • What are your general thoughts on the proposed redevelopment of the former convent?
  • What are your thoughts on the availability of jobs in Dungannon town?
  • What are your thoughts on the provision of childcare facilities in the area? (availability & cost).
  • What are your thoughts on office space availability in Dungannon town? (availability & cost).
  • What other environmental, social & economic improvements would you like to see in your area? (community allotments, more jobs, better amenity spaces, community support facilities)

All feedback will be treated as anonymous & your details will not be shared with anyone.