Redevelopment of 99 Kingsway, Dunmurry, Belfast, N.Ireland

This online consultation aims to inform the local community and interested parties of a proposal to redevelop the Northstone & Farrans construction headquarters.

Your feedback will help to inform the design process & subsequent planning application which will be made to Belfast City Council in 2020.

All comments must be received by Friday 6th November.

About Northstone/ Farrans Construction

Farrans’ business is structured into two primary divisions: Building and Civil Engineering. The main divisions perfectly complement each other in terms of resources and expertise. Capitalizing on versatility, they have also established specialized sub-divisions to better package services for sectors that demand particular skills and resources. 

Farrans Homes, Healthcare, and Utilities are all now well established in the Company structure and each command enviable positions in their marketplace.

Farrans continue to develop excellence in all aspects of building and civil engineering while at the same time the boundaries of service level delivered to customers are continually being extended.  

At the heart of this approach is the recognition of wider social responsibility.  Farrans share their work with communities and the natural environment, making it vital that they implement sustainable business practices across their operations.

Central to their operation is a commitment to the values of health and safety, quality, and the environment.  Farrans’ management systems are ISO accredited and their approach to responsible stewardship of industry best practice has been recognized through the achievement of BS8900 Sustainable Development. 

As a main player in the UK’s construction industry and as a company which has grown to physical capacity in its current location, Farrans/ Northstone now find themselves needing to expand & redevelopment of the headquarters site represents a major investment, specifically in the Dunmurry area and local economy in general.

About the Proposed Development

The proposal is for a mixed-use re-development to include an office building, a supermarket, a nursing home, and creche facilities. 

It will be a two-phased approach that sees the demolition of all existing buildings on the site to make way for the new development. This will include the removal of the existing concrete batching plant.

The existing vehicular access onto the Kingsway is to be retained and secondary access provided onto Barbour Gardens.

The disparate functions of the business will be housed to the northern portion of the site within phase 1, this will include a new build office building, a vehicle workshop & a construction innovation centre. A creche facility will complement staff requirements and also be made available to local residents. A nursing home facility will also be provided, giving the potential for elderly members of the Dunmurry area to remain part of the community, rather than having to seek residence outside the town.

The front of the site will then be developed as phase two and will provide a medium-sized supermarket.

If you have any specific questions, would like to receive more information on the development or wish to discuss the proposals, please email & someone will contact you.

Feedback Section:

Thank you for taking the time to complete the feedback section, answer with as much detail as you can. In particular, we would like to know:

  • What are your thoughts on the provision of this redevelopment in general?
  • What are your general thoughts on the provision of high quality, long term job provision within the Dunmurry area?
  • What are your thoughts on the provision of child care facilities in the Dunmurry area (availability & cost etc)
  • What are your thoughts on the provision of care home places/ homes for the elderly within Dunmurry? (availability & cost etc)
  • What other environmental, social & economic improvements would you like to see in your area? (more jobs, better amenity spaces, community support facilities, etc)

All feedback will be treated as anonymous & your details will not be shared with anyone.